Tips For Totnes Based Radio Stations

Reasons For Doing So

Creating a radio station used to be reserved for professionals who had expensive equipment. Now, thanks to modern technology anyone can create their own live radio show by simply using smartphone apps.

It allows people of all ages and backgrounds to have a voice. If they have a message it can be reached to people all over the world. Whether it be political, cultural or philosophical if you have an opinion that you want people to know about then a radio station is an ideal place to broadcast it.

The Totnes area in particular has a large audience to be reached. It has a reasonable number of locals who would be able to hear the show. However, the most important audience asset is the huge influx of tourists who visit the area every year in the warmer seasons. For this reason it is advisable to broadcast a radio show in Totnes during the summer.

How To Maximise The Success Of The Station

  • Security

Protecting your private and confidential data is of paramount importance. For this reason it is useful to employ the services of [Holm] and other cyber security programmes.

  • Use An Efficient Microphone

There is nothing that shows a lack of professionalism than a mic that sounds bad. Professional standard mics can be bought for a reasonable price online. They are a useful investment for those hoping to be taken seriously with their Totnes based radio show.

  • Make Sure It Is Legal

In order to play copyrighted music in the Totnes area you will need a licence. This can be applied for easily online. If you do start playing music that has been copyrighted without permission then you are breaking the law. For this reason it is very important to be careful and prepared.