Music Events In Totnes

Why Choose Totnes?

The beautiful market town in Devon is a wonderful choice to see a music event for a number of reasons. The area attracts a rich variety of musicians and performers. It is one of the best places to see unique performances that would not necessarily play in cities.

Totnes is also home to some of the most intimate venues in the South West. Musicians have recognised this and often build their set atmosphere around these stages.

Music Events Coming To Totnes In The Near Future

  • Felix’s Machine with Plaid: Live In Dartington

This awe-inspiring performance showcases the innovative sculptures created by Felix Thorn. The structures have been designed to emit unique audio and visual displays. These machines are capable of creating spectacular music. What is even more impressive is that they were all built by the artist himself. They are truly a sight to behold.

  • Ensemble Moliere: Telemann and his Friends in Paris

This troupe was created to commemorate the historic 1737 between Telemann and the most talented French musicians of the time: Forqueray, Guinon and Blavet. They amazed audiences of the time with their impeccable talents. Now a Dartington Summer School have formed a tribute act to recreate the iconic 18th century collaboration. The team have already reached world renowned success. They have played at Brighton Early Music Festival, London Baroque Festival and Early Music Live. Now they are coming to Totnes to share their classical tunes.

  • Seb Rochford: Live

This drum-based composer is known for his live shows that integrate immersive imagery with booming acoustics. He often writes his music around a specific theme. In 2018 this theme is communication. Seb who is known for playing in such bands as Polar Bear and Acoustic Ladyland will be bringing an intimate show to the Dartington Hall Estate.