Things To Do In Totnes

The Best Tourist Destinations In Totnes

  • Woodlands Family Theme Park

This is one of the best places to visit in Totnes for a family day out. The theme park includes many fun attractions including: roller coasters, death slides, indoor ball parks and even an interactive dinosaur exhibit.

  • Pennywell Farm

This rural petting zoo features a large number of animals that families are encouraged to interact with. These include: miniature pigs, heavy horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, ducklings, chicks, fowl, goats, ponies, donkeys, lambs, tortoises and alpacas.

The farm also offers a miniature train ride, go carting and a trailer ride where visitors can experience some of the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

  • Berry Pomeroy Castle

This 15th century ruin features a romantic backdrop and historical settings. It was once an Elizabethan mansion and has now become a popular tourist attraction. There are audio tours to help visitors get a true sense of the castle’s cultural significance. The area is home to beautiful landscape views and stories of ghosts.

  • The Timehouse

The Timehouse is a beautiful and educational art installation that fuses together some of the very best of 20th century art. It features a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, music and film. This wonderland has visitors that total over 12,000 annually. This is for good reason. All one needs to do is read the online reviews to see this is the cultural gem of the Totnes area.

  • Devonshire Collection of Period Costume

Housed within a Totnes textile mill, this exhibition houses some of the beautiful pieces of historical costumes. The collection features fashion artifacts dated from the late 18th century till the end of the 20th. The clothing items come from men, women and children. Each year the collection is updated so visitors are constantly surprised by what is on display.