Radio Stations In Totnes

What Kind Of Stations Are There In Totnes?

The area of Totnes is a hotbed for a fair number of local radio stations. There is a broad variety of types. Because of this there are many different audiences that the shows are based around. These include young children, teenagers, students, members of the local community and tourists.

At the time of writing there are not that many stations based around middle aged or elderly audiences. The stations appeal more towards people who are aged 30 and under.

The Different Totnes Based Radio Stations

  • Soundart Radio

This station is one of the many that are locally based. Broadcasts are made daily from the Darlington area of Totnes. In 2006 it was founded as student radio. In 2009 it became more community oriented. The station has a broadcast radius of 5 km. It is non profit and is open to memberships for the public. The staff provide training and apprenticeships for young people who are interested in working in the radio sector.

  • Positively Devon

Well known television personality Noel Edmonds hosts this Totnes based radio station. His show provides popular music along with some of his popular wit and wisdom in between.

  • Jamming Station

This station was created in order to help young people have a voice. They play music that is popular amongst this target audience. They also strive to empower young people through music. Compared to the other stations on this list Jamming has a large social media following, thanks in part to the age of the people who listen to it.

  • Fun Kids: Digital, Radio and Online

This station is based around children. They inform members of the public about the different family events that are taking place throughout Totnes. Their website has a host of features that are aimed towards very young people.